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This idea was born from the notion that as men get older our health becomes more and more important. Many people take for granted good health, and men are notorious for not wanting to see their doctor. However, there are many common problems that men can experience below the beltline as they age. The Men’s Health Urology Triad is just that: common problems men experience with age in the prostate, penis, & testicles (PP&T).

Importantly some problems such as erectile dysfunction or low testosterone can be a predictor of negative outcomes or have a negative impact on our heart health and function. Specifically, ED can be a 3-5 years indicator of negative heart problems. This means that if you have ED you may need to consider screening tests on your heart function (You should consult with your doctor).

Other problems such as prostate and testicular cancer can be very treatable when caught early which is the precise reason for screening.  For young men, 15-45 years old, monthly testicular self-exams should be performed in the shower. Concerning lumps or bumps in the “egg shaped” testicle itself should prompt evaluation. As should any finding that a patient has concern about. For older men at least between 55-70 years old, with 10-year life expectancy, a PSA blood test and a finger exam of the prostate should be performed as this is the only way to “catch” prostate cancer before it becomes metastatic (spreads beyond the prostate). For some high-risk groups, including African-Americans and those with a positive family history, screening should start earlier at least by age 40-45 depending on your decision with your doctor.  Once metastatic average life expectancy is roughly 5 years which stresses the need to catch prostate cancer early. Many of the treatments for prostate cancer can cause urinary incontinence and ED.

After your cancer cure or other major medical problems, we must be able to attain quality to our lives. There are now advanced surgical solutions to deal with many of these problems. As well as all other problems involving the PP&T. Routine morning blood tests and a visit with your doctor can identify many problems men have as they age and most surgeries can be performed minimally invasive and as an outpatient.

Everyone has at least one good man in their life that they love. This Initiative is to keep your favorite man alive and happy for all the years he’s blessed with.

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Dr. Wallen offers a wide range of urologic services including vasectomy, treatment for urinary incontinence, infertility & sexual dysfunction, BPH, prostate, bladder and testicular cancers & more.


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A message from Dr. Wallen regarding your Erectile Dysfunction

A message from Dr. Wallen regarding your Erectile Dysfunction

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A message from Dr. Wallen regarding your Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) or BPH:

A message from Dr. Wallen regarding your Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) or BPH:

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